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Guaranteed SEO Services: How Does It Work With US

Many companies state that their SEO Services are Guaranteed. What does that truly mean? Majority of the SEO Companies ask to be paid upfront and if the SEO Rankings are not achieved, they will refund the money you have paid.

Disclaimer: They will almost never refund your money! Majority of the times there will a whole list of excuses and blame game that you as a client will be subjected to. Basically, you will have to fight for your money back.

That’s where we come in. We at Guaranteed SEO Services never ask for any money upfront. We focus on a Net 30 approach. You as a client deserve only the best out of your Search Engine Optimization Company. If we are ready to provide you, as a client, just that, why should we be afraid of showing you the results of your project first and then receiving payment after you as a client have been completely satisfied. If a SEO Company is confident in their services, then there should be no worries!


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What is First Page SEO Guarantee?

First Page SEO Guarantee is basically a Guarantee that signifies that the Keywords being used in your project, when searched on Google, will enable potential clients to view your website on the first page of Google. For example, when a search is commenced for a Keyword such as “Roofers Near Me”, and if you are a Roofing Business, your website should appear on the first page of Google. Please take a look at the example below:

According to “It is not possible to guarantee rankings on Google. Even if the agency has an excellent track record for delivering high-quality SEO services – it still doesn’t change the fact that Google is the only one that has complete control. Any SEO agency worth its salt should own this fact.”

That is very true. We as SEO Experts can only do the work according to Google Guidelines, but under no circumstances can we guarantee rankings.

Hence the reason we are Guaranteed SEO Services. We can guarantee the work on your project to be done. Many companies will take your money and no work will be done, or they might drag their feet. With the business model we have, it places a fire under our feet. We do not get paid unless we actually do the work, and the work has to be approved by you as a client. That is why we are a world apart from other SEO Agencies.

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