At Guaranteed SEO Services, You Do Not Pay Us Until We Show You The Work !

At Guaranteed SEO Services, We Are So Confident With Our SEO Strategies And Services That We Do Not Require Any Payment Until You Have Reviewed The Work That Has Been Done On Your Project. Instead Of Paying For SEO Services Upfront, Like Most Companies, We Charge After The Work Has Been Done. That Means You Pay At The End Of The Month After We have Shown You Results. If You Are Not Happy, You Do Not Pay Us, Its As Simple As That ! That Is Our Guarantee To You As A Client. 


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Professional and knowledgeable company with excellent customer service, they deliver what they promised to do. They brought our website to the top of Google page and continue to improve our SCO. I cannot say enough good words about Danny! He is a joy to work with – very knowledgeable, proactive, responsive and very attentive to business needs. Thank you for everything!
Ivy Lewis
I worked with Daniel for years. He is the beat SEO expert I have met. Not only he is good at what he does, he also takes time to understand the customer and the business. If you have a small business, look no further. Highly recommend Daniel!
Daniel Remiszewski
Fast SEO services that help any website rank faster and higher. DANNY BOY
Reggie Jones
When they say Guaranteed SEO services, they mean it! They are the best SEO providers.

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4 Simple & Easy Steps

1. Choose Your Keywords

First, we work with you to determine the highest volume keywords you need to rank for and the locations where you want to rank. We’ll use this information to create a list of fifteen  keywords for your business.

2. Create Your Strategy

We get to work creating a customized strategy. This includes optimizing landing pages tailored to your unique business. These pages are the supercharged keywords that  we aim to get ranked on page 1 of Google within 30 days.

3. Create Relevancy

Once all of your landing pages have been created, optimized, and approved, we launch your campaign. This consists of Backlinking, which is how relevancy is created on Google. We also connect your Google Analytics so you can track your progress. Our account managers are always here to answer your questions.

4. Monthly Reports

We provide monthly monitoring and maintenance of your campaign to keep your top rankings. We can also start the conversation about additional opportunities for growing your business. We offer a range of online marketing solutions to build out your strategy and achieve your goals.

A Little Bit About US

Thank you for visiting our site. To be honest, we are not a huge company by any means. Just a company started by 4 SEO Nerds living in Dallas, TX. We were all working for a huge SEO Service Provider, and got tired of the way upper management was dealing with clients. Since all 4 of  us were in the Production Sector, we had no control over how clients were being told to pay upfront for everything. That made us think. Why not let the client review the results first, and then pay for the services rendered. This concept is virtually nonexistence in the entire SEO Industry. That is when we decided to open up our own Seo Company where the clients results were placed first, rather then the clients pocket book. With well over 25 combined years of Technical SEO experience between our team, Guaranteed SEO Services knows SEO and how to best rank your Website. 

Reach out to us! You will be glad you did! 


Some Common Questions

Yes! That is our complete business model. All other SEO Companies insist you to pay beforehand. Normally what happens is once you pay them, they either vanish or not provide any results. We aim to change that. We place our clients first, and our pocket books last. We want all of our clients to be satisfied with all of the work we provide. If you are not happy with the work, we do not require any payment. That is how we provide a no risk to the client guarantee. 

No, Never ! Once we send you a Monthly Report of your progress, we will then ask you to initiate the payment. We do not keep any cards on file, therefore each time a payment has to be made, it is made by you and only you. A payment link is emailed to you each and everytime, and you yourself must initiate the payment for the work that has been done.

There is no contractual obligation. You pay after you have reviewed the work and are completely satisfied. Therefore, you can cancel anytime you feel like without any risk by simply not paying.